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Governor Signs Transportation Bill: Some Cheer, Some Cry

Coverage by the Business Journal.

Good news for local governments looking for money for potholes. Bad news for environmentalists.

It appears that the anti-tax folks have been bought off by the Newberg-Dundee bypass funding in the bill (one of the reasons to cry). I heard some early rumblings that some environmental organizations might try to refer this, but I have not heard anything about this recently, so I’m assuming we’ll just cry in our beer.

Oh, and expect the Transportation Commission to quietly allocate $30M from this for Columbia River Crossing funding.

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On a cycling vacation in Italy a few years ago (OK, more years than I would care to admit) I encountered the lovely cultural institution of cyclists shouting “Forza!” (pronounced “fortza”) at each other (typically from someone coming down a hill to someone heading up the hill). It translates as “fortitude” or “strength”.

That was my immediate reaction to Joe Cortright’s op-ed piece in the Sunday Oregonian, once again laying out the plain economics of the Columbia River Crossing.

The Oregonian editorial board has an anemic response on Monday, suggesting the two Governors need to intervene since the Congressional delegations in both states are keeping their distance from this stinker.

Forza, Joe!