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CRC City Club Forum Widely Covered

Friday’s City Club program on the Columbia River Crossing has gotten a fair amount of press coverage:

The Mercury also has the audio file online (52M mp3).

My own impression is that Cortright clearly had the crowd with him, and was the stronger speaker. Rex gave the impression of being an apologist for something he’d prefer not to be doing…

Our Drivers Greenest!

The Daily Journal of Commerce is reporting on a “Men’s Health” magazine article ranking Portland 3rd in the nation for the “greenest drivers”:

The magazine said it ranked 100 U.S. cities by using data including gas consumption, miles driven annually, air quality (ozone and particle pollutants), vehicle efficiency (size, age, and frequency of tune-ups), mass transit quality and usage.

I can see why we might be behind Burlington, VT, but I have trouble seeing how Seattle is #1?

CRC at City Club on Friday

From City Club:

The I-5 bridge across the Columbia River is a major congestion point on the I-5 corridor. Anticipated population growth and commercial development, along with traffic safety issues and earthquake preparedness, are driving a public conversation around how to address these challenges.The Columbia River Crossing Project, a joint project of the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Washington State Department of Transportation, is recommending that $4.2 billion be spent to replace the bridge with additional lanes for automobiles, pedestrians and bicycles.

On June 27, join Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder and economist Joe Cortright, as they examine the viability of this proposal. Where will the money come from? What will be the size of the carbon footprint created by the new bridge and how will it impact the environment? Ultimately, how do we balance the practical demands of a growing region with environmental concerns?

Rex Burkholder was elected in 2004 for a second term to represent District 5 in Multnomah County. Burkholder helped found the Bicycle Transportation Alliance,chairs the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation and serves on other transportation committees. Joe Cortright is an economist with Impresa, a Portland consulting firm specializing in regional economic analysis, innovation and industry clusters. Cortright is also the chief economic analyst for the Oregon Business Plan, a private-sector effort to develop the state economy.

Reserve online here.

Council Drinks CRC Kool-Aid wthout Benefit of Hearing

The Mercury and Oregonian are both reporting that all five Portland City Council members have signed on to a letter (the Mercury site includes a link to the letter) embracing the replacement bridge for the Columbia River Crossing along with a number of conditions that map pretty closely to the Metro resolution (independent analysis of greenhouse gases, selection of final bridge options to be driven by a more locally-focused oversight committee, etc.).

Of course, City Council won’t actually hold a public hearing on the CRC until July 9th, nor do I believe they have had the benefit of a final recommendation from the Planning Commission on the topic…

Nice of them to make all this clear so we don’t have to guess how Sam Adams will vote tonight at the task force meeting.