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Back to School

Well, maybe not yet. But it’s not too soon to think about the fall PSU/PDOT Traffic and Transportation Class. As I’ve said in the past, this is a great way to get launched into transportation activism (it worked for me) or to raise the level of your game if you’re already an activist. Run, don’t walk (but look both ways) to register.

Title: Calling all transportation activists!

Take advantage of a chance to learn from policy and decision-makers, planners, and engineers in a ten-week course sponsored by City of Portland Bureau of Transportation System Management and Portland State University Urban Studies Program. This course is designed for the neighborhood activist, new or experienced, who wants to make a difference and learn how the city that works, works. Limited space is available.

Full scholarships are available to qualified applicants for the non-credit course. To be eligible for a scholarship applicants must be Portland residents and must not be a transportation or law enforcement professionals. Deadline for scholarship applications is September 14, 2007.

If you choose to take the class for credit, tuition is $147 for one regular credit and $283 for a graduate credit. The class occurs at PSU’s main campus, Thursday evenings from 6:40 – 8:40, beginning September 27th, 2007. The course is facilitated by Rick Gustafson, transportation planning consultant and former Metro executive officer.

To register or get more information on this popular course, call Scott Cohen at 503-823-5345 or email To register online go to and look under the “What’s New” section.

Seventy “Citizen Planners” Plot Streetcar Future

On Saturday morning, seventy community members spent three hours at PSU brainstorming potential future corridors as an informal kick-off to the City-wide rail plan process that will formally launch in September. A few common themes emerged:

  • Heading north on MLK or Williams/Vancouver to Alberta or Killingsworth
  • Heading east on Hawthorne, Division or Woodstock, ultimately connecting with the Green Line MAX
  • A line on 82nd Avenue
  • Extending the Burnside line out to Hollywood via Sandy and perhaps returning to the Lloyd District on Broadway/Weidler

Thanks to everyone who participated! We’ll have the maps and notes posted here as soon as they get scanned.

900:10 Opportunity

Factoid from today’s regional Streetcar conference.

Prague in the Czech Republic with a regional population of about 1.9M has a Streetcar fleet of 900 vehicles.

Portland, with its regional population of 2.1M has 10 cars in its fleet.

Room for growth :-)