Jasmine Block Update

Work continues on the Jasmine Block double track work. This week, crews have completed the saw cut in 4th Avenue and yesterday, track was being positioned for tie down. Streetcar service continues uninterrupted at this point however, there will be a shut down coming next week while track tie in and electrical work is brought […]

KBOO Bike Show: Biking Past 50

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.9MB) Alon and Christopher talk with Ann Morrow, Jerry Smith and S. Brian Willson about the joys and challenges of riding past age fifty. Ann is the president of the Portland Wheelman Touring Club and is host of the cable TV show Cycology Today (viewed on NWbicyclesafetycouncil.org.) Jerry is also an active member […]

New Trimet Rail Map

I was out walking downtown this weekend when I noticed that Trimet has updated the rail system map to include the pending Orange Line route. I snapped a photo with my camera and while the news is nothing worth getting excited over, it does provide some changes to the existing map that make different regions a […]

California’s New Performance Metrics & Getting What You Measure

The way we quantify how well our roads are (or aren’t) working isn’t something that tends to get a whole lot of play outside of the transportation wonkery, but it has a drastic effect on policies and livability. The most commonly used metrics to describe our system, including the infamous level-of-service metric, are drawn from […]

Jasmine Block Double Tracking Underway

Saw cutting and road closure is underway along SW Montgomery adjacent to the Jasmine Block in SW downtown as work has begun on the double track work associated with completing the loop. I was on my way home from grocery shopping with my family last night when I noticed the familiar orange barrels accompanied by […]

The Dark Side of Autonomous Vehicles?

Readers of this blog will know that I have a generally optimistic view of driverless cars, believing that a computer is likely to avoid many human frailties and generally reduce the number of crashes. My viewpoint got a jolt this week. The technologist half of my brain has been enjoying the New Relic Future Talk […]

KBOO Bike Show: PBOT Leadership

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.4MB) Christopher and Jocelyn talk with Portland Bureau of Transportation Director Leah Treat, and newly hired Active Transportation Division Manager Margi Bradwell, about PBOT funding, budgets, workplans and transformation to get to Vision Zero.

Policymaker’s Ride Recap

Last Friday, Chris Smith and myself joined approximately 150 fellow riders on Cycle Oregon’s 10th annual Policymaker’s Ride. Other participants of the ride ran the entire spectrum of invested parties from the Mayor & his wife to city council members to health professionals and more. Indianapolis’ mayor Greg Ballard participated at the invitation from Portland […]

What the Streetcar Haters Skeptics are Missing

There have been several critiques recently, dismissing streetcars as slow transit. I think that misses the point of streetcar, at least as we have deployed it here in Portland. Streetcar is transit that emphasizes short trips. That’s very much in line with the ‘Healthy Connected City’ plank of the Portland Plan, which envisions Portland as […]