Midsummer Night’s Open Thread

Been out of town, and been watching a little sporting event down in Brazil.  Now that that’s over, ’tis time for another open thread. The Powell/Division project is starting to heat up.  A series of outreach meeting will occur in the next couple of weeks, and a few new documents are available. Was in Seattle […]

Transportation Summit to Focus on Safety

The 6th Annual Oregon Transportation Summit (September 15th) will focus on safety as the key topic. My sometimes debating opponent (stop spacing, value of streetcars) Jarrett Walker of Human Transit fame will be the keynote speaker. From the descriptive materials: The 2014 Summit will have a considerable focus on safety and its relevance to creating livable communities. […]


My Twitter feed has been abuzz again this weekend. This time with news of a study that shows a reduction in auto traffic (and emissions) following startup of a light rail line (in Salt Lake City). This is apparently a first. Not having a demonstrated result like this has always been an arrow in the quiver […]

Getting Ready for the Orange Line

TriMet is beginning to look at how it will adjust bus service in the Milwaukie/Oregon City corridor in conjunction with the opening of the Orange Line in 2015. You can see the proposal and weigh in here. I’m not intimately familiar with the corridor, but the major impact seems to be the truncation of the […]

The Story Told by the Blinking Hand

Joe Rose penned an interesting Q&A yesterday that takes up one of my favorite topics: the Flashing Don’t Walk (FDW) phase. While he caricatures the consequences of the widespread non-compliance with the FDW indication just a wee bit—it may cause motorists (gasp!) delays, and in extreme circumstances may even cause (gasp! recoil!) cycle failures, where […]

A Fascinating Map

This map has been tweeted at me from many directions today. You select an area and it will show you what mode: walking, biking, transit, driving; will get you to which parts of the City fastest. You only have to click on an area in the inner NE or SE to see why cycling is […]

Hack on the Transit Appliance Next Week

Last week I mentioned that TriMet had released a set of upgraded APIs. Now it looks like I’ll get a chance to play with them – and I hope you’ll join me! I’ve been asked to lead a session on the new APIs at next week’s TriMet Hackathon. Skip Newberry, President of the Technology Association […]