Fireworks Extravaganza Open Thread

As part of a larger project I’m working on for Portland Streetcar, I had the opportunity to film the fireworks event last Saturday. Here’s the complete fireworks show: “On Saturday evening, August 22nd, 2015, TriMet presented a fireworks display in celebration of the upcoming opening of the Tilikum Crossing – Bridge of the People in […]

KBOO Bike Show: City Single Track

 Listen to the show (mp3, 24.9MB) Jocelyn talks with Kelsey Cardwell of the NW Trail Alliance and Michelle Kunec-North of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability about the Portland Off-road Cycling Master Plan which is now under development. Dan Moeller from Metro discusses the parallel process for the North Tualatin Mountains natural area.

Hot as Heck Open Thread

Not the thread, the weather. Bike Portland reports on a new parking proposal from the City of Portland, on how to deal with the issue of tenants in no-parking-provided apartments consuming on-street parking in single-family neighborhoods:  Neighborhoods could vote to create parking districts (encompassing the single-family-zoned areas); if established, then parking permits would be required […]

TriMet Southeast Draft Service Plan

The last of TriMet’s Service Improvement Plans, this one focusing on the Southeast–pretty much everything south of Division and east of the Willamette River–is now up for public review and comment.  A brief description, and my thoughts.

Women’s World Cup Open Thread

Team USA will be playing in the women’s World Cup final this weekend, including a few members of the Portland Thorns.  A few local notes: TriMet is banning vaping and therapy dogs, with a few exceptions.  Vaping and e-cigs are to be treated like tobacco, and only licensed and trained assistance dogs (seeing-eye dogs and […]

TriMet North Central Draft Service Plan

Guest author Cameron Johnson is a regular Portland Transport reader. This week, in a much smaller time gap than there was between the SW and Eastside plans, TriMet released the North Central Draft Proposal for improved bus service. (North Central means all of NE above Burnside and west of the 205, North Portland, and inner […]

KBOO Bike Show: Safety

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.8MB) Alon and Jocelyn discuss the recent tragic fatality and several injury crashes with a Panel including: Jonathan Maus of BikePortland, Rob Sadowsky of the BTA, PBOT Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller and Timur Ender from Commissioner Novick’s office.

Rose Festival Open Thread

Starlight parade is tomorrow night, and TriMet wants you to know they’ll be there. The state Senate has approved Gov. Brown’s two picks for the TriMet board: Shelley Martin, an executive with Fred Meyer, representing Disctrict 3 (SW Portland); and Lori Bauman, a lawyer, representing District 4 (SE Portland).  Both take office effective immediately. TriMet’s […]