TriMet Orange Line “First Ride” – Interviews

Portland Transport was invited along with other local media to cover Friday Morning’s TriMet Orange Line “First Ride” press event. During the ride, and just after, we were able to briefly interview TriMet management and public officials, including: Neil McFarlane, General Manager, TriMet Jeff Merkley, US Senator, Oregon (D) Steve Novick, Commissioner, City of Portland […]

TriMet Orange Line “First Ride” – A view from the cab

TriMet held a celebratory press event today, with the first-ever passenger service on the Orange Line and across the new Tilikum Crossing. We were able to conduct interviews with Governor Brown, Senator Merkley, Commissioner Novick, TriMet’s Neil McFarlane and others. Those interviews will be posted tomorrow. For now… A teaser with a bit of transit […]

More Canadian Double Talls!

Ron Swaren is a regular reader and frequent commenter on Portland Transport Regional Edmonton, Alberta transit agency Strathcona County Transit purchased 14 double decker buses in 2013 for the Sherwood Park to downtown Edmonton route of approximately 8 miles. These are the familiar design used in other Canadian cities, the Alexander Dennis Enviro 500, with […]

Post Tax Open Thread

OK, it’s a full week since the Ides of April, but another open thread for everyone.  Portland has legalized (for now) uber and Lyft.  One condition placed on uber and Lyft drivers is a city business license.  Taxi drivers and cab companies are, naturally, unhappy. TriMet toots its horn about service increases leading to ridership […]

KBOO Bike Show: Vision Zero

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.5MB) Alon and Jocelyn talk with PBOT Director Leah Treat and Manager of Policy, Planning and Projects Art Pearce about Vision Zero, the Comprehensive Plan, Transportation System Plan and other important planning processes.

TriMet and Metro to extend Blue Line to Central Oregon

Today, TriMet president Neil McFarlane and Metro president Tom Hughes announced the start of a new transit project, the Hood and Central Oregon Corridor.  This project, a 210-mile (338km) extension of the Blue Line, would provide light rail service to Sandy, Mount Hood, Madras, Redmond, Bend, and Sunriver.  The line would end at a transit […]

Great Eight Open Thread

The Great Eight in the NCAA tourney are now set, the Final Four will be decided by Sunday. Time for another Open Thread. Oregon Business encourages greater private-sector (and public/private) participation in transit. The population of the Portland/Vancouver MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) is now estimated to be 2.35M.  (Note:  The “MSA” is defined to include […]